Sort, wash & fold…

Sort. Wash. Fold…

When you have two kids the load gets a little bigger but still manageable in the household. I used to do two loads a week one for me and the other half, and one for Raef & Safá, wasn’t too bad and I didn’t find myself glued to the washing machine or ironing board! However this all changed when baby 3 came along, you don’t realise the changes that occur with a 3rd child! I now find myself doing 3-4 loads a week, how this has increased drastically I have no idea! Having a baby, it’s understandable, there are many accidents in a day, upwards and downwards, but little did I know that having a ‘3 going on 13’ year old meant that there were six outfit changes a day, and I literally mean six!


How does such a little person need to change her skirt six times to match her shoes, and this isn’t trying on a skirt but wearing a skirt outside playing with her friends and realising this isn’t actually what she wants to wear! Why? Oh why? Is the question that comes to mind!
I find myself asking my mother ‘was I like this?’ ‘Did I need my shoes to match my dress at the age of 3?’ And the reply I get is most of the time I was in hand me downs from my older brother, lovely!

Now that we are here and she’s spent most of her life living in Dubai, Safá has accustomed to the trends and lifestyles of Dubai. She no longer leaves the house without her bag and on a Thursday afternoon after school I get the question ‘it’s the weekend mummy, when are you doing my nails?!’


#kidsindubai #3goingon13

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