New Year. New Start. New Me.

One of my (many) resolutions this year was to try and maintain my fitness levels, I am by far the most unfit mummy, after climbing 5steps up the stairs I’m completely out of breath, and you can imagine (and just picture it) when I actually finally get to the top!

So when La Atelier Fitness Aqua Club contacted me I was thrilled, a little scared but excited to go and see what the fun was all about! I was invited to try the Aqua biking class – originally I was booked Into do a beginners class but having changing my appointment for another day I was put in the advance class! Still optimistic I arrived 15 minutes before my appointment, was shown around to a beautiful club, lovely cafe area for fresh juices, healthy teas and snacks… I was then escorted to the changing area – fully equipped with hairdryers to towels and private changing rooms & showers.

After showering and changing I met my lovely instructor Gabriella – who fully explained the structure of the class.

I entered a gleaming pool with motivation all over! As I started the class I felt very comfortable and Gabriela made sure I knew exactly what I was doing and was sitting in all the correct positions on the aqua bike… I always find that you can make any fitness class be fun if your instructor is persistent but not aggressive when guiding you through the class, Gabriela was definitely a motivating instructor who kept me going in the class.

The duration of the class was a continuous 45 minutes on the bike and in the pool doing aqua weights and using a resistance band – the advance class was fast paced but the instructor explained that the difference between the beginners and advance was just the time spent on each set.

As the class began to come to an end, Gabriela instructed us to come off our bikes and cool down, this consisted of slow movements and stretches to reduce our heart rates and relax our muscles in order to prevent muscle cramping.

Once I was showered and changed, I was led back through to the reception area where I was offered refreshments including fresh juices and herbal teas…

La atelier Aqua Fitness club is situated on Al Wasl road in Al Safa 1, very central Dubai and easy to locate… 5 minutes away from Spinny’s it’s an easy find.

It’s a ladies only club and the first indoor pool in Dubai that offers Aqua Biking.

La atelier is open 7 days a week and they run classes every hour… As well as having membership packages they also offer hassle free pay as you go classes, brilliant for those who need a bit of flexibility!

I would definitely recommend La Atelier Aqua Fitness to everyone who wants a bit of fun whist working out, if you want a change from the day to day gym life try La Atelier Aqua Fitness club and enjoy a Fitness club with a twist of difference.

Now you’ve read my review here’s a chance to do one of your own, La Atelier Aqua Fitness Club is offering you all a first class free when purchasing either a 4-Class package at 475aed

(valid for 3 weeks)


a 1-Week Unlimited Aquabiking at 420aed (valid for 7days)

An amazing offer for you all, and definitely worth a try! Start the new year getting fit and healthy in the pool!

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