#And then there was 3…

So I’m new to this all but here goes, I start this blog whilst I’m giving Reém (my youngest) her dream feed, I’m a mum of three Raef my boy my oldest, Safá my girl the middle one and the youngest and newest member of the Ali’s, Reém.
I shall be blogging about our journey living the expat life in Dubai. Three years, two house changes and a third bubba, definitely living through my thirties!
I lay here thinking of the ifs and buts that could have possibly been, but spending everyday watching my babies grow up here it was definitely a decision worth making!
So having 3 six and under kids maybe borderline crazy but hey it’s the norm for us in the Ali household!


Bringing up the three of them in Dubai has been quite the experience, from the first year we got here and finding nurseries for Raef, nabbing myself a job there and using Safa as our guinea pig to experience all the illnesses under the sun! At least it gave me a chance to call my mum over for a good couple of months!